Holiday Look: Glitters!

       My all time favourite product to use during the holiday season is the Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner (Midnight Cowboy) by Urban Decay. It is the perfect glitter to use on the eyelids! It is also versatile – one can use it as an eyeliner, on top of an eyeliner, or all over the lids just like what I did. The best thing about it is that the glitter stays in place once it has dried. It does not dry up in the bottle and the consistency remains the same even after a year! I paired this look with a red lipstick. No other make-up says christmas like a perfect red lip! I used the classic Ruby Woo by Mac for this look.


Products used:

  • POREfessional by Benefit
  • RMK Creamy Gel Foundation in 102 and Born This Way Foundation in Light Beige as subtle foundation contour
  • Shu Uemura Hard Formula in Acorn and Walnut Brown
  • Maybelline Gel Eye Liner in Black
  • Naked 2 Palette (half baked) and Naturally Pretty Palette (Warmth, Java, Noir, Sunrise)
  • Maybelline Falsies Volume Express Waterproof Mascara
  • Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer in Custard
  • Chanel Les Beiges
  • Mac Ruby Woo

Enjoy the holidays!

A quick instagram video clip on this look can be seen at @beautylista!


Stila Eternal Love Lipstick Set

       Liquid lipsticks have been gaining popularity these past few years. They are known to be long wearing, opaque, and ultra matte. I heard good things about the Stila liquid lipsticks so I decided to purchase it when I came across their holiday set, particularly the Eternal Love Lipstick Set. It retails for P1250 in Rustans, but in the US (Ulta) it only costs $20. The set contains three colours – Baci, Ricco, and Beso. I like the consistency of the lipstick. It applies creamy (a little bit creamier than the NYX soft matte lip cream and Lime Crime velvetines) and it dries to matte. It is absolutely long wearing — the lipstick will not move at all, unless you eat with it. I actually ate carefully with it, and it did not erase the lipstick. There was a little lightening of colour on the inner part of my lips, but it did not erase it. Quite amazing, right? But of course, if you’re eating something very oily, for sure there will be some fading (oil removes make-up.) The liquid lipsticks are a lot like lip paints. They really stick to the lips, and one will need a make-up remover to get these off.

Baci is mauve nude, Ricco is deep burgundy with a hint of brown, and Beso is bright red.

Baci on my lips

I think it looks nice in photo, but in person it looks a little bit light on my pale skin. I can intensify the eyes more, or just mix it with another colour. I should try mixing this and Ricco to get a deeper colour. I like it though because i do not own any mauve nude lipstick. I paired this with a warmer blush color as Baci is very cool toned.

Ricco on my lips

Ricco is a very dark burgundy colour. Try it if you want to jump on board the current grunge lips trend. It is actually too dark in person for my pale skin. I am still mustering up the courage to wear it in person because I want to try to pull off a grungy look!

Beso on my lips

Beso is a classic bright red lip colour. It is the easiest to wear among all three lipsticks. It is also part of their permanent liquid lipstick line.

        I was pressed for time when I was taking pictures of the liquid lipsticks, and like I said, these were hard to remove, so I was not able to take a photo of Beso on the same day. I tried it the next day, and just took a photo with my iPhone, hence the inconsistency in lighting.

           The applicator of the liquid lipsticks were nice and bendable. What I do is I swipe off excess product inside the tube before taking applicator out, and then I start applying on the center of my lips. With less product on the applicator, I then smile and stretch out my lips so when I apply the lipstick near the edges or the outline of the lips, it will go on smoothly. A little product goes a long way as these are really pigmented. Over all i think these are great if you are into matte lipsticks. They are kiss and drink proof! 💋 They work better if the lips are not dry and peeling. It lasts for 12 hours with one minimal retouch in between or after an oily meal.

Have Fun!!!


Travel Makeup Essentials

       The holidays and semestral break are nearing, and I am sure a lot of you will be packing your bags to have quick getaways before going back to the daily grind. So, I thought it might be nice to share with you my make up must haves for traveling. Number one, your make-up should last all day so make sure your make up items are long wearing and smudge proof. Number two, as much as possible, pack light! Airport security is very strict with hand carrying liquids. You are only allowed to pack liquids not exceeding 100ml per container, and all your items must fit in a resealable 1 quart sized transparent plastic bag, so just bring the essentials and get ready to go!

What was in my travel make-up kit?


  • RMK creamy gel foundation – Despite the semi-dewy finish, this foundation lasts all day on me.
  • Tarte Palette – This is one of my favourite palettes. There’s a variety of warm and cool blush shades to choose from which makes it easy to match with any lip colour. Plus, it has a contour shade as well, which i also use on my eye crease to create depth on my lids.
  • Shu Uemura Hard Formula in Acorn – Natural and defined brows are a must for me, and this gets the job done.
  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – I use this for a quick and brightening concealing. It has light coverage, goes on smooth, and does not crease.
  • Maybelline Gel Liner – My tried and tested smudge free gel liner. It is affordable, and lasts from day to night without looking like a raccoon at the end of the day.
  • Purple Maybelline Mascara – The affordable falsies volume’ express waterproof mascara adds volume to the lashes.
  • Shu Uemura eyelash curler – Of course, I reckon all beautylistas have heard of this eyelash curler. Curling the lashes makes a huge difference in opening up the eyes.
  • Chanel Les Beiges – This is great to set my foundation in place and also creates a very smooth and velvety finish. It also blurs the pores.
  • Cetaphil Daylong Face and Body Sunblock – When traveling (especially during summertime,) it is a must to protect your skin. I like this water resistant, non-greasy, and non-comedogenic sunblock that was sent to me by SampleroomPH.
  • Long wearing lipsticks – I chose my favourite matte lipsticks, as these are the ones that last long. I only re-apply my lipstick after every meal. Other than that, I am picture ready!

       I could not wear much eye make-up because I just had lasik surgery so having multiple choices of lip colours enabled me to have varying looks throughout the trip. Below are some of the long wearing lipsticks I brought with me, and also photos from the trip where I used those babies in action!

MAC Rebel

This is my favourite berry lip colour!
This is my favourite berry lip colour!
Happy to be at Leadenhall Market, also known as Diagon Alley from Harry Potter movie.
Happily wearing this berry lip at Leadenhall Market in London, also known as Diagon Alley from Harry Potter.

OCC Nylon

This is the brightest lip colour that I own! It's neon pink!
This is the brightest lip colour that I own! It’s neon pink!
Bright pink lips to match the bight weather outside the Louvre Museum in Paris.
Bright pink lips to match the bight weather outside the Louvre Museum in Paris.

MAC Diva

This my favourite burgundy or deep red lipstick.
Mac Diva is one of my staple lipsticks! This is my favourite burgundy or deep red lipstick.
Paris screams red lips and winged liner.
Do you want to be très chic in Paree? Wear a deep red lipstick and wing out your eyeliner!

Too Faced Melted Peony

Nude Pink
Nude Pink
Pink nude lips to match the lovely lavender in France.
Pink nude lips to match the lovely lavender in South of France.

OCC Hoochie

Vivid Violet
There's something fun about Barcelona. Just like this vibrant purple lippie.
There’s something fun about Barcelona. Just like this vibrant purple lippie.

Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl

Bond Girl to me is like a cinnamon/brown colour. It's matte yet is still hydrating. It leaves a nice stain when worn for a long time.
Bond Girl to me is like a cinnamon with a hint of brown colour. It’s matte yet is still hydrating. It leaves a nice stain when worn for a long time.
Wearing this Sophisticated cinnamon brown lippie at Monsterrat in Barcelon
Wearing this Sophisticated lip colour at Monsterrat in Barcelona.

MAC Nouvelle Vogue


Wearing this lipstick in Venice! It's my go to natural pink lip.
Wearing this lipstick in Venice! It’s my go to natural pink lip.

        Other lipsticks I brought with me that were not included in the photos above are the MAC Ruby Woo – a classic red colour that suits most skin tones, and the Too Faced Melted Nude – a perfect peachy nude colour. The OCC liptars are long wearing, but you will still need to pack a lip brush with you for retouching. In my opinion, it is still more convenient to bring the lipstick tubes because you can conveniently just apply the lipstick straight from the bullet. When traveling, try to apply make-up as quickly as you can. I usually give myself about 15 minutes. Please do not be that travel partner who spends hours getting ready! Remember, exploring and discovering new places must be the number one priority! That’s about it! Carpe Diem and safe travels!