my favorite products during pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant, I started switching to natural products. I browsed through the grocery aisles and opted to switch my usual body wash for the Human Nature cooling body cleanser with rosemary and mint. It has a nice minty aroma which made me feel fresh. Some pregnant women feel hotter during pregnancy due to increase in blood volume and metabolic rate so opting for something minty feels very refreshing. Another product that I use is the Chamomile Cool Feminine wash, also from Human Nature. I have been using this one for years, even before pregnancy. It has ingredients such as aloe, menthol, and chamomile, which feels gentle and cool for the feminine area. I felt like it was mintier before, which I prefer more when it was in its old pink packaging. I love Human Nature because it has no harmful chemicals and it is made in the Philippines. I love supporting good local brands!

Another local brand that I have been using is the Pili lip balm. During my first trimester, I had bad morning sickness. I drank a lot of fruit juices because as odd as it sounds, water was so hard to endure. It had to be ice cold for me to be able to drink it. My lips started to peel and feel very dry. I wanted something that moisturised my lips and at the same time tint my pale and peeling lips. Most importantly, I wanted it to be natural because you ingest anything you put on your lips. I chose the Pili lip tint because it was natural, felt light on the lips, gave a nice tint, and moisturised the dry skin so well. The white dry parts of my lips were totally concealed. It was quite long wearing too.

The most asked beauty related question in pregnancy is how to prevent stretch marks. I have stretch marks from my first and second pregnancy and honestly, I am so used to it by now and have totally accepted it. I actually see it as motherhood battles scars, because really, moms go through so much sacrifices for their children and those are physical marks on the belly that show what a mother has gone through during pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, I really tried my best to prevent it. At that time, 11 years ago, everyone was talking about the Palmers Cocoa Butter. I applied it religiously but to no avail. On my 8th month, stretch marks started to appear. I read an article about it that genetics play a big role in acquiring stretch marks. So if your mom has it, you will probably have it too. Now with this pregnancy, I started applying Bio Oil sometime during the second trimester. The oil has received a lot of accolades and pregnant women have raved about it so I decided to give it a try. It gave me relief from the itch I felt when my belly was starting to expand. I like it a lot, it’s the best oil I’ve tried. The smell isn’t great although it’s bearable, but the oil is thick and moisturising so it really helped a lot. I applied the oil instead of scratching my belly. Scratching can tear your skin and may eventually lead into getting stretch marks. When I ran out of Bio Oil sometime after Christmas, it was very timely that I received the Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil as a gift from my friend. I like it because it is made with 100 % pure plant extract and it smells really good too! It has good reviews from pregnant women as well.

Hope this article will be helpful to pregnant women and mothers to be who are looking for safe products they can use during a very special (and sometimes difficult) stage in their lives. Our bodies are so special that we can grow little human beings inside of our wombs. It’s one of life’s greatest miracles. As hard as it can be, because our bodies are going through so much changes, just try to enjoy the process (and the priority lanes) and get some sleep mommas because you’re going to miss it when baby arrives! 😛 Good luck and have a safe pregnancy!

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