Kaye Garcia, Event Stylist Extraordinaire

Apart from the obvious, we all know she is gorgeous — straight forward, real, talented, and smart are a few words to describe event stylist extraordinare, Kaye Garcia. What a privilege it has been to pick her brain, as she shares how she manages a successful career and family life. Her skin care routine is just the icing on the cake as she shares her beauty OG products to maintain her beautiful skin.

Angela: You’re one of the most sought after event stylists now. How did your career in styling begin?

Kaye: I always enjoyed setting up the parties of my kids. After I had Adriana, a friend suggested I try it for real. Make a go of it as a business. I was hesitant but she sent me sample rates of other stylists and I realized that it might be feasible. I styled the 4th birthday party of my friend and the following month — just by word of mouth, I had 6 paying jobs. I haven’t stopped since. That was 2013.

Having 4 children, how do you balance career life, family life, and having your me time?

I am hyper-organized. Everything is planned and thought of daily. I schedule meticulously and I do everything in advance. If you know me well, you’ll know I’m always almost on time. When I have an event, I set up very early even if it means I spend more money just to get things done early I would do it. I prioritize my family. They come first. My work is second and lastly, my social life.

What is your skin care regimen?

I alternate 3 brands — Sunday Riley, Whoo, and Charlotte Tilbury. I never sleep with my makeup on. NEVER. No matter how tired or intoxicated I am, I wash my face and apply skin care. My sunblock is Anessa Shiseido. I use this daily. For the beach, I use VMV. I think water, lots of vegetables, and proper sleep is crucial to having good skin.

What are your makeup must haves?

I don’t put makeup a lot. I usually touch up my brows with urban decay brow kit, I apply cheek tint, and lipstick. That’s my daily makeup routine. For special events, I hire people.

What’s your definition of beauty?

The obvious answer would be physical. Almost always, what’s beautiful is dictated by society, by your upbringing, and by the media. To me, even though I am a slave to wanting to be beautiful in the eyes of many,

“I believe beauty is whatever sparks a feeling. A place that inspires is beautiful, a story that educates is beautiful, an experience that you never forget is beautiful. You can find what a person has gone through in her life on her face. That is beautiful.”

Adding a pop of blue to add a modern twist to the look

Product Breakdown:

  • Skin Care: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and Flawless Filter
  • Foundation: RMK
  • Contour: Chanel Tan De Soleil and Too Faced Bronzer
  • Blush: Natasha Denona Diamond Blush Palette
  • Eyeshadow: Urban Decay
  • Eyebrows: Shu Uemura
  • Concealer: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
  • Lips: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk
  • Highlight: Becca Proseco Pop

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Angela Yeo is the Beautylista, an entrepreneur and a make-up artist. She is in the food business and also does make-up for print advertisements, advertorials, magazine editorials, and brides. She has a penchant for creativity, and has a passion for creating anything from make-up looks to food art. She wears many hats, but her favourite roles are being a supportive wife to her athlete husband, and a loving mother to two adorable girls. They are her inspirations. This blog was created to share make-up tutorial videos, and write reviews about the make-up products she uses. It is also intended to be a fun and creative lifestyle diary in which she can share her musings about beauty, fashion, travel, family, and everything in between! If you need to reach her, you may email her at beautylistamakeup@gmail.com. Enjoy browsing!!!

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