90’s Makeup Video

I have so many fond memories growing up in the 90’s! I remember owning Lisa Frank trapper keepers, Polly Pockets, and Koosh Balls. Yeah, you know it! How about renting VHS tapes? (sorry kids! this was way before DVDs and Netflix were born!) My sister and I knew Clueless and Mighty Ducks by heart, as in memorised verbatim. lol! We grew up listening to Spice Girls and Britney Spears, but my friends and I were really into hip-hop music – Puff Daddy and Notorious BIG! We also rocked the body glitter, frosted blue eyeshadow, jelly sandals, and doc martens! Feeling nostalgic yet? One thing that’s definitely back from the 90s is the brown lip, very Beverly Hills 90210! Here’s a quick video on how to rock the 90’s look:


Product Breakdown:

  1. Foundation: I used RMK creamy foundation and applied the Too Faced Born This Way foundation on the places around my face that I want to contour (it’s a darker shade than my natural colour.)
  2. Brows: I used the cinema secrets concealer at the bottom part of my brows to act as a guide as to where I should apply the brow product. I used the Benefit browvo conditioning primer to prime my brows and to see the sparse areas, then I used the precisely my brow pencil to fill in my brows by doing small hair like strokes. Remember to blend product with the brush end! I finished off with the 3D brow tones to keep my brows in place.
  3. Eyeshadow: I used the It cosmetics naturally beautiful palette, and used different brown shades as my eyeshadow colours. I also used the matte black shadow as my eyeliner because I could not find one at that moment, and why not?! Make-up products are versatile!
  4. Liquid Lipstick: Beeper by Colour Pop
  5. Highlighter (not in video): Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow.




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Angela Yeo is the Beautylista, an entrepreneur and a make-up artist. She is in the food business and also does make-up for print advertisements, advertorials, magazine editorials, and brides. She has a penchant for creativity, and has a passion for creating anything from make-up looks to food art. She wears many hats, but her favourite roles are being a supportive wife to her athlete husband, and a loving mother to two adorable girls. They are her inspirations. This blog was created to share make-up tutorial videos, and write reviews about the make-up products she uses. It is also intended to be a fun and creative lifestyle diary in which she can share her musings about beauty, fashion, travel, family, and everything in between! If you need to reach her, you may email her at beautylistamakeup@gmail.com. Enjoy browsing!!!

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