#StressFreeBeauty starts with prevention and during the summer months when the sun is extra strong, sunscreen should be your constant companion. Here are tips on what to look for when shopping for one.

When I was younger, I would recklessly bask under the sun for long hours just to get a tan. I have pale skin, and getting some color was something I looked forward to during summer beach trips. While other people used skin whiteners and papaya soap, I used a tanning oil—because we always want what we don’t have! Everything changed when I got older, and gained more knowledge on sun protection. Exposing yourself to the sun without any protection increases the risk of skin cancer. It also makes the skin age, causing more wrinkles, sagging, and age spots.

Broad Spectrum

When buying sunscreen, look for a bottle with a “broad spectrum” label. This is the key in protecting your skin form both UVB and UVA rays. The UVB rays burn your skin, while the UVA rays prematurely age your skin and cause wrinkles, sagging, and age spots. Both also contribute to skin cancer. Yikes!


SPF = Sun Protection Factor, it is a gauge of how well the sunscreen will protect your skin from UVB rays. If you normally burn in 1 minute, SPF 30 multiplies that by a factor of 30, which means you could go 30 minutes without getting burnt under the sun. If you’ll be outdoors for long stretches, choose SPF 30 or 50, otherwise SPF 15 is fine.  Remember to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours especially when outdoors.


Get a sunscreen that’s water resistant for it to stay effective while swimming or sweating. You wouldn’t want a sunscreen that rubs off easily. Also remember to reapply each time you take a dip in the water.

These are the most important factors when shopping for sunscreen. To add, choose one that suits your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, go for something that is hypoallergenic. I personally prefer sunscreen that doesn’t feel sticky, and is free of parabens. Enjoy your summer and remember to wear sunscreen!



Benefit’s New Brow Collection

I read somewhere that if the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the brows are the maps of the psyche. I love brows that convey a youthful and elegant appearance, not too thin, not too arched, just enough to give your eye a lift and neatly frame your face. As a make-up artist, if you ask me what part I love doing most during make-up application, I would definitely reply with enthusiasm —”the brows!”

Benefit Cosmetics really set their brow game high with this new brow collection. It is now a one stop shop for all your brow needs! I used to go to different make-up stores to purchase a brow gel, brow powder, brow slanted pencil, brow fine tip pencil, and brow mascara. As you can see, I am obsessed with brows! So, imagine my excitement upon seeing this whole range of brow products!!! All available in one store!!!

Tada!!! Pinch yourself, these are all coming soon!!

Let me give you an up close sneak peek of the products:

  1. Precisely, My Brow Pencil – Its ultra fine tip allows you to make little hair like strokes to fill in and define your brows. It is equipped with a twist up non sharpen tip, and is also waterproof, lasts for 12 hours! It has a spoolie brush on one end to blend  the inner part of your brows and make sure your brows do not look unnatural.precisely_pencil_open2

2. Goof Proof Brow Pencil – It has a soft slanted tip, which makes it easier to fill in the brows and define the brow tail quickly, this kind of tip is my favourite! It just makes application faster! Like the precisely brow pencil, it has a spoolie brush on one end, has a twist-up non-sharpen tip, and is waterproof as well.


3. High Brow Glow – This product instantly highlights and illuminates arches. Just apply it right underneath your brow arch, and notice how that subtle illuminating will make the eyes more awake and the brows more defined.


4. Gimme Brow – This award-winning volumizing product just got better with 3 shades to choose from. This is perfect for those with thin brows because it contains microfibers that sticks to the hair and skin for more natural and fuller looking brows.


5. Browvo! Conditioning Primer – This primer contains keratin and soy proteins to make the brows look thicker and healthier. It can be worn alone, applied overnight, or used under brow make-up to enhance colour and extend wear. I do the latter, it’s perfect for that feathery natural brow effect that we see in recent runways and editorials. As i prime, I see where i have gaps in between my brows and use that as a guide to fill it in.


6. Ready, Set, Brow! – Do you have unruly brows? If you do, then this is for you! This clear shaping and setting gel holds brow hair in place and allows your brow make-up to stay in place the whole day! No more bad brow day!


7. Brow Zings – The original brow zings just got better with six shades to choose from! Like the original brow zing, it has mini tweezers for instant on the go brow grooming (this is something I need as I am always on the go and I always need to pluck those annoying stray hairs!)  I like that this new packaging includes an extendable dual ended brush to apply the perfect mix of wax and brow powder.


8. 3D Browtones – Do you need to soften the look of your dark brows? If you do, then this product is for you. Avoid dull and flat looking brows by adding subtle dimension with the 3D Browtones!


9. Ka-Brow! – I use creamy gel brow products for formal events and photoshoots where I really need to define the brows and make them darker to look natural and not washed out when photographed. The Ka-brow builds form natural looking to dramatic brows with just a few strokes. A little product goes a long way! It is long wearing, lasts for 24 hours, and is waterproof as well. I love how you can just pull out the applicator from the cap, awesome packaging! Apply the gel on the outer part of the brows and slowly work your way into the inner part with less product on the brush for natural brows that will stay put from day to night!



Amazing eyebrow make-up spread, right? I am sure your current brow dilemma will be solved by one of these products! Bravo Benefit! You have out done yourself with this collection! You are now the queen of brows in my book! lol! Now, I will give you time to absorb and process all the information you have just read. Allow me to take you to the Benefit brow collection launch party!

Attending the launch with one of my best friends, Nicola!
OOTD: off shoulder top by Zara, high waist shorts by Miss Selfridge, Le Boy by Chanel, and Metal toe cap by Miu-Miu.
Boomerang with Tasha of Benefit, Kimi, Nicola, and the Benehunks! Having the benehunks is a staple at all benefit parties! Thanks for having us, Tasha!
AC Connection! What a pleasant surprise to see Kimi and Czar here. They planned this event for Benefit! Loved it!
I joined the instagram contest
We did the craziest photo!!! Kimi’s craziness sealed the deal! lol!
They flew in Jared Bailey, Benefit’s Global Brow Expert, to tell us more about the new brow products!
The show must go on!
Yay! I won the cheekathon for our crazy photo! haha! Thank you Benefit!
We tried on the brow products (love our benebrows!!) and had a little chat with Jared after the presentation. He is fabulous!
Thank you for our new brow products benefit!!! We had a great time!

Thank you Benefit for an amazing launch! I am sure it will be a big hit once it hits the shelves!!! Remember Benebabes, the new brow collection will be out this JULY!!! 🙂




During pregnancy, women’s bodies go through A LOT of changes. Some expectant moms get the pregnancy glow all throughout the nine months, while others get more blemishes due to the increase in hormone levels. You may have given up sushi and alcoholic beverages for now, but does it mean you have to give up make up too? The good news is, you do not have to—just consider to use less products and be more conscious of what you slather on your face.

My advice for pregnant women is to simplify your make up routine. This is not the time to cover your face with heavy make up as if it were a mask and clog your pores. Let your skin breathe and only target problem areas. Here are a few problems that  can occur during pregnancy:

Problem: Pimples and Dark Circles

Pimples are caused by the hormone imbalance in your body during pregnancy and the dark circles are due to lack of sleep, especially during the third trimester when sleeping at night gets more uncomfortable and trips to the bathroom are more frequent.

Solution: For the dark circles, apply a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone to lighten the under eye area. For the pimples, get a concealer brush and spot conceal your blemishes. Use a concealer color that matches your skin tone because using a lighter concealer will highlight the pimple instead of covering it. Remember to set it with powder so it lasts the whole day.

Problem: Nose widens

The nose widens because of excessive fluid retention during pregnancy that usually happens during the last trimester.


Contour the sides of your nose to make it appear slimmer. I prefer doing this with a foundation or concealer that is 2-3 shades darker than my skin tone. You may also use a matte brown contouring powder.

Keep It Simple

You don’t need to wear foundation all the time, but if you have uneven skin tone, sparingly apply a light liquid foundation, bb cream or a tinted moisturizer. Just always curl your eyelashes to open up your eyes, fill in your brows to frame your face, and apply blush to give the appearance of healthy skin. A good product to try is Pixi’s H20 skin tint. It has a cooling and refreshing formula that’s lighter and more breathable than regular foundation. It’s paraben and fragrance-free, too so it’s safe for moms-to-be.

Go Natural

For those who are worried about ingredients like lead, paraben, phthalate, and other harmful chemicals, you may also opt for brands that are organic, natural or vegan. As for what I apply on my lips, a good brand that is free of harmful chemicals is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics–their lip tar is excellent! It is long wearing and pigmented.

The changes women experience during pregnancy seem daunting, but not to worry, what you have growing in your belly is priceless and beautiful. So, take care of yourself, smile, be confident and let that pregnancy glow radiate from within you!



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