We all know that getting adequate sleep is good for our health, minds, and bodies. In fact, getting enough sleep also helps in preventing wrinkles. But did you know that your regular sleeping position may cause sleep wrinkles? Sleep wrinkles are formed when the face is compressed against the pillow every night. As we age, the skin’s elasticity decreases, and the constant compression can make the sleep wrinkles permanent. Here are ways to prevent wrinkles as we sleep:

Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back is the best way to avoid sleep lines that can result to wrinkles. It also has other beauty benefits − I find that my skin becomes clearer and less likely to produce those unpleasant morning breakouts when I don’t rub my face against the pillow at night. It also results to better back alignment, but it must be noted that this sleeping position is not recommended for pregnant women, and for those with medical issues such as sleep apnea, snoring, and acid reflux.

Use a beauty pillow or pillowcase

If you prefer sleeping on your side, try a specialized beauty pillow designed to support the neck and decrease face compression as you sleep. A satin or silk pillow case may help decrease sleep lines, but it will not completely prevent it.

Use a moisturizer

Before applying moisturizer, use a mild facial cleanser that will not make your skin dry – dry skin can accentuate wrinkles. As people age, collagen production decreases and leads to wrinkles. Applying moisturizer will help rejuvenate and repair the skin. It will help the skin look younger, softer, more hydrated, and elastic. A good tip is to apply the moisturizer 15 to 30 minutes before bedtime – giving ample time for the product to really be absorbed into the skin. You may also apply the moisturizer around your eyes for an all-in-one moisturizer and eye cream. An amazing moisturizer that I recommend is the Embryollise lait crème concentrate which is available here at

Get your beauty rest

So there you have it. Remember to get enough sleep, it’ll make you look and feel great! Try to avoid constant all-nighters and your body will thank you for it in the long run, making aging a graceful and beautiful process.



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        I have never been anywhere as romantic and charming as Venice. I was in awe with its beauty and charm the moment I stepped foot in this Italian City. Out of all the places we have visited, this floating city is definitely the most exquisite! There is really nothing like it!


Waiting for our water taxi
Our speed boat ride going to Hotel Danieli!

We coordinated with the hotel a few days before our arrival to arrange a boat to take us to the hotel from the train station. We heard that it was difficult to find a boat quickly due to the number of tourists lining up to get water taxis.

We’re finally here!

       The location of Hotel Danieli is rich in history. The structure was actually built in the 14th century, and it became a hotel in 1824. Many notable artists and luminaries have stayed here, among them are Charles Dickens, Harrison Ford, and Steven Spielberg. In 2010, huge footage of The Tourist starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie was filmed here. It is definitely one of the top hotels here in Venice, and the location is very central, just footsteps away from St. Mark’s Square.

        We scrimped on all the hotels we booked in during our Euro summer trip except for Hotel Danieli here in Venice, since it was the last destination of our trip, and also because we were only going to stay here of a night. We booked the most modest room available, with the most economical price, and with absolutely no lagoon view, but LO and BEHOLD, all the stars in the universe aligned at that moment, and we were UPGRADED to the suite!!! I felt like we won the lottery! lol! We love the staff of the hotel – excellent service!

The gorgeous lobby of Hotel Danieli

How lucky are we to be upgraded to this princess suite?!?

The foyer upon entering the suite
huge living room of the suite
There is also a balcony with the view of San Giorgio Island
The most elegant hotel bedroom I have ever seen!

After seeing the suite, we playfully told the receptionist that we will not be leaving the suite anymore. lol! If only!! The first thing we did was ,of course, take a romantic gondola ride!

A must when in Venice
They say, If you kiss under this bridge, your love for each other will last forever!

We also walked around St. Mark’s square, which is the public square of Venice. IMG_1734

Part of the facade of St. Mark’s Basilica

We had lunch in Rossopomodoro – causal ambience, delicious food, and good value. I highly recommend this restaurant!

I love pizza!!! I love drizzling generous amounts of olive oil on mine!!!
Steak and fries!

For dinner we went to a fancier seafood restaurant, Hostaria da Franz.

Having white wine with our seafood
I enjoyed this creamy tiramisu!

Before dinner, we spent our afternoon walking along the quaint streets of Venice. I love the old-fashioned buildings, little bridges, and stairways.

How beautiful is this? It’s like a painting!

       After dinner, we just decided to settle in our suite and enjoy a bottle of red wine. Staying inside the famous Hotel Danieli is as exciting as walking along the streets of Venice – definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

Night Cap 

 The next day was bittersweet for us. We were sad to leave Venice and at the same time, excited to go home to our kids. We had breakfast at Danieli and walked to St. Mark’s square before heading back to the airport.

Breakfast with a view!!
Goodbye Danieli suite! You were breathtakingly beautiful! I hope this isn’t a once in a lifetime experience! 

One must not leave without having a photo with the pigeons! I am not posting mine – I look scared in all the photos. lol

The bird man flocked by pigeons, thanks to the corn seeds! 
Ciao Venice!!! You were lovely!!!