Stila Eternal Love Lipstick Set

       Liquid lipsticks have been gaining popularity these past few years. They are known to be long wearing, opaque, and ultra matte. I heard good things about the Stila liquid lipsticks so I decided to purchase it when I came across their holiday set, particularly the Eternal Love Lipstick Set. It retails for P1250 in Rustans, but in the US (Ulta) it only costs $20. The set contains three colours – Baci, Ricco, and Beso. I like the consistency of the lipstick. It applies creamy (a little bit creamier than the NYX soft matte lip cream and Lime Crime velvetines) and it dries to matte. It is absolutely long wearing — the lipstick will not move at all, unless you eat with it. I actually ate carefully with it, and it did not erase the lipstick. There was a little lightening of colour on the inner part of my lips, but it did not erase it. Quite amazing, right? But of course, if you’re eating something very oily, for sure there will be some fading (oil removes make-up.) The liquid lipsticks are a lot like lip paints. They really stick to the lips, and one will need a make-up remover to get these off.

Baci is mauve nude, Ricco is deep burgundy with a hint of brown, and Beso is bright red.

Baci on my lips

I think it looks nice in photo, but in person it looks a little bit light on my pale skin. I can intensify the eyes more, or just mix it with another colour. I should try mixing this and Ricco to get a deeper colour. I like it though because i do not own any mauve nude lipstick. I paired this with a warmer blush color as Baci is very cool toned.

Ricco on my lips

Ricco is a very dark burgundy colour. Try it if you want to jump on board the current grunge lips trend. It is actually too dark in person for my pale skin. I am still mustering up the courage to wear it in person because I want to try to pull off a grungy look!

Beso on my lips

Beso is a classic bright red lip colour. It is the easiest to wear among all three lipsticks. It is also part of their permanent liquid lipstick line.

        I was pressed for time when I was taking pictures of the liquid lipsticks, and like I said, these were hard to remove, so I was not able to take a photo of Beso on the same day. I tried it the next day, and just took a photo with my iPhone, hence the inconsistency in lighting.

           The applicator of the liquid lipsticks were nice and bendable. What I do is I swipe off excess product inside the tube before taking applicator out, and then I start applying on the center of my lips. With less product on the applicator, I then smile and stretch out my lips so when I apply the lipstick near the edges or the outline of the lips, it will go on smoothly. A little product goes a long way as these are really pigmented. Over all i think these are great if you are into matte lipsticks. They are kiss and drink proof! 💋 They work better if the lips are not dry and peeling. It lasts for 12 hours with one minimal retouch in between or after an oily meal.

Have Fun!!!


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