Dream Living Spaces at Shangri-La Plaza Mall

         Last October 8, 2015, Shangri-La Plaza launched their Dream Living Spaces Exhibit. It is a privilege to be selected as one of their featured designers, and I had so much fun curating and designing a small kitchen and dining area for them. I had to choose pieces of furniture, kitchen gadgets, and accessories from the participating stores such as Bo Concept, Restorations, GE Monogram, Hacker, Rustan’s Department Store, D&B Kitchen Essentials, Kitchen Works, Cutting Edge, Kitchen Pro, and Smeg. Personally, my favourite furniture stores in Shangri-La are Restorations and Bo Concept. I bought my lamps for my house from Restorations, and I love the elegant pieces there.

Restoration: I love their chrome stools. I imagined it to be the kitchen stools, if only the space were bigger.
Restorations: I love their chrome stools. I imagined it to be the kitchen stools for my exhibit space, if only the space were bigger.

Smeg was also quite impressive! Their refrigerators are quite popular, and I also love this knobless touchscreen oven that has a self cleaning mode as well!

Oven Selfie!

        I had a few hours to visit the stores and pick out the things I like. It was a breeze picking up accessories, but we encountered a problem while picking out our appliances. We were informed that we could not pull out the modular kitchens as base for the oven and cooktop! Good thing Shangrila worked swiftly and found a way to build and produce a make shift countertop in one day!

Event Launch 


Receiving my flowers with two little girls in tow!


A group photo with some featured designers and the participating store owners.
Of course, typically, these two wanted to wear costumes to the event! lol.
Ribbon Cutting! My very first one actually. lol.
The finished product! Just a disclaimer, please bear with my design, I am a make-up artist and not an interior designer. hehe!


Kitchen Accessories
  • The Kitchen Aid and frames are from Rustan’s.
  • The Fridge and oven are from Ge.
  • The cooktop is from Hacker. 
  •  DeLonghi Espresso Maker is from D&B Kitchen Essentials.
  • The pot and knife set are from Kitchen Pro.
  • The chopping board, spice containers, and paper towel holder are from Kitchen Works.
  • 12108162_900628256683367_7193225700422157176_n
    A photo with my lovely little ladies. We missed my husband Joseph who was in a team building at that time.
It’s always a pleasure catching up with the Buensalidos!
Hanging out with Shangrila’s Marline Dualan at Danica and Ciara’s living room set up. Thanks for having us Ms. Marline!

Here are the works of some of the featured designers:

Living room by Lisa Macuja
Living room by Lisa Macuja
Music Room by Moy Ortiz
Music Room by Moy Ortiz
Children's room by Yael Buencamino-Borromeo
Children’s room by Yael Buencamino-Borromeo
Music room by Igan D'Bayan
Music room by Igan D’Bayan
Bedroom by Randy Ortiz
Bedroom by Randy Ortiz
Living by Jason Buensalido
Living room by Jason Buensalido

Congratulations Shangri-La for a successful event! Please do visit the mall if you are looking for beautiful and elegant accessories, kitchenware, and pieces of furniture for your home. Also remember to catch the Dream Living Spaces at the East Atrium of Shangri-La to see other designs! Exhibit is ongoing until October 18!!

I have never posted an OOTD before, so this is my very first one! Eep!
I have never posted an OOTD before, so this is my very first one! Eeeep!

Top: Details

Jeans: River Island

Bag: Chanel

Shoes: Valentino


It was also featured today at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
It was also featured today at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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